Biomechanical drama

Press release

This project is a first in the series of quasi-theatrical performances, which THE BLIND starts in collaboration with    composers, artists of computer animation, etc. We call it       BIOMECHANICAL ATTRACTIONS.

The specialty of these performances ( attractions, show) consists in the unique space of an artificial life, being created by joint efforts of mechanisms and human beings. A synthesis of mechanics, choreography, computer animation and sound effects
Artificial environment, inanimate persons, artificial lighting, artificial stories, being told by artificial voices. Programmed sound wave instead of vocal nuances, radio control system instead of psychophysics. A Love story, as a story of breakage. A story of utilization (KILLBAKER).

The project of KILLBAKER is an installation, which consists of :
- one mechanical construction;
- one electromechanical construction;
- one radio controlled device;
- one human being;
- one sound system.

Numerous screws, nuts, gears, servos, radio-microphones, receivers and transmitters, arranged in ensemble, plays a drama of
unrealized relations between man and woman, as a story of non-
coincidence of the mechanical parameters. Impossibility of Love as
a problem of incompatibility of models.

The interaction of such kind always ends like breakage of mechanisms.
What happens
to the World, when a machine breaks? What disappears, leaves the World together with its mechanical soul?
And What comes into the World?
What Flowers blossom on the sorrowful ways of Utilization?

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